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30, Весы, Germany, Hamburg
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Сексуальные предпочтенияТрадиционная
Рост>5'7" - 5'9" [170см - 175см]
Вес160 - 180 фунтов [70 - 80 кг]
Этническое происхождениеБлижневосточное
ЯзыкиНемецкий, Английский
Родной город
Интимная стрижкаБритая
Размер грудиОгромные
Меня возбуждает
I like when the man is the leader as much as when i am the boss :)
Love it to tease you until you cant hold it back.
I like generous men that treat me like an angel and I LOVE suprises !
Обо мне
My name is Tamara. Im a 30 year old porn and social media star from germany
Меня отталкивает
I dont like men with no decency and respect . Guys that come in my chat and say : show this and that with dont tipping anything .
Что можно увидеть в моих вебкам-шоу
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Babies i am now on holidaze ! 

If you want to see more of me while i am gone, just purchase SNAPCHAT here on ym profile *kisskiss

See you very soon, bad boyz ! 

Список желаний TamaraMilano
10,000 token tip
10,000 token tip
A gentleman desires to fulfill an angels dream... The best way to show yourself
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a 30,000 token tip
a 30,000 token tip
Thats what a real boyfriend does ! Suprise me, i will suprise you too, darling :-*
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Комментарии (26)
tres belle femme
tu devrait mettre des piercings au tetons de tes seins
au au clitoris et au levres vaginales
aussi au nombbril
tu serait super sexy
mon amour fait ca pour moi
je taime pour leternite
ton amis titclitoris
she is the best so far in here! the best quality of camera, and smoking hot!! she deserves everything.. THE BEST !
My number ***best Webcam-Girl here.I come from Hamburg,(germany).I like a big ass,and big ***a nice day,***
super very sexy girl!!
Mrs Tamaro you are really very beautiful,
It's amasing ;D,
Everytime i look at you my heart is beating i don't know what to say i smile you already knew it i've never seen anyone so photogenic for you i'll be paint because you're my mona lisa for me your life is much more precious than a precious stone that's why i will do everything in my power to make you happy ;D
I love you. kisses
You really interst me
You have a beautiful face beautifuls lips all with you is amasing de ;D
Pornstar confirmed i saw her videos ,good content and tits
My dear, fragile and tender, I congratulate you on International Women's Day! I never get tired of admiring you every day! You are the embodiment of femininity, grace and gentleness! Thank you, dear, for your women's care and the joy that you bring into my life!
I love your clear eyes,
emitting warm light
these hands are strong, gentle,
and there are no other such ones!
Tell me I'm beautiful
did you make me like that
I want to be kind, gentle,
because you are next to me.
You are my love, an unexpected miracle,
the light in the window, the warmth of the soul.
How beautiful are the minutes with you
but they run so fast!
I'm sorry for the grievances of random
or my stupid jealousy,
for words that were not said
I just love you very much.
Imádlak Édes
♥Kiss♥...........♥Kiss♥ TamaraMilano